Hotels in Ahvaz: Naderi Ahwaz Hotel

Hotels in Ahvaz: Hotel Naderi in Ahvaz is the first hotel of Naderi hotel groups which was founded in 1963 by Hasan Naderi. Now this group has the honor to provide the most suitable services for the respectable guests in this province. Conveniently located in Ahwaz , this property is an ideal base for both business and holiday travel. خوزستان از دیرباز مهد تمدن بوده و قابلیت های سرشاری در این زمینه داشته است. وجود آثار معماری با ارزش در جای جای این سرزمین کهن موید تلاش و پشتکار مردمان خونگرم و مهمان نواز استان می باشدهتل نادری اهواز نخستین هتل از گروه هتلهای نادری می باشد که در سال ۱۳۴۲ توسط حسن نادری ساخته شده و هم اکنون این مجوعه مفتخر است مناسبترین خدمات را به میهمانان محترم استان ارایه نماید

Hotels in Ahvaz: Pars Ahvaz

Hotels in Ahvaz: The hotel was founded in 1968 and started its operations in 1973. It lays on about 6. 000 square meters grounds and the total surface of its interiors' floors is 10. 000 square meters on a total in 5 stories. The hotel is situated next to the famous Karoon River and the Ahwaz's famous White Bridge.

Hotels in Ahvaz: Pars Ahwaz hotel

Hotels in Ahvaz: Beside the white bridge of Ahvaz and Karoon River, there is a four-star hotel named Ahvaz Pars Hotel ready to host the travelers of Ahvaz by providing compete accommodation facilities.