Vallromanes, Barcelona

Hotels in Vallromanes: Domus Selecta Can Galvany

Hotels in Vallromanes: This popular hotel offers the perfect stay for business and leisure travellers alike.

Vallromanes, Barcelona

Hotels in Vallromanes: Hotel Can Galvany

Hotels in Vallromanes: The hotel was given birth by a unique idea: tranquillity close to Barcelona. In the picturesque town of Vallromanes, just 25 minutes from the city centre of Barcelona, is situated this small hotel of 43 bedrooms with all the services of a large 4-star hotel. Opened in 2012, this newly-constructed hotel offers two different architectural spaces: on the one hand, the old Can Galvany Country House, rustic in style; on the other hand, the new building with a truly modern look. In the old Country House you can find the Spa & Wellness Centre, as well as the more stately suites, and in the majestic and bright new building, the communal services and bedrooms. With a themed restaurant, designed by the prestigious interior designer Oliver Franz of El Equipo Creativo (The Creative Team), you will be enveloped in the vineyard landscapes of Alella wines.

Hotels in Vallromanes: Hotel Mas Salagros EcoResort & Aire Ancient Baths

Hotels in Vallromanes: As the first Biohotel in our country, the hotel Mas Salagros Ecoresort & Aire Ancient Baths allows you to use its equipment in Vallromanes, close to Barcelona, where you will be able to forget the daily stress and enjoy a relaxing adventure in full nature. We are talking about an idyllic space to enjoy an escape in our Thermal Roman AIRE de Vallromanes Ancient Baths, while enjoying the most wonderful views on the landscape and a great experience in both our restaurants, in our farm and in the totality of services offered by our resort.   The hotel will be closed from 12/12/16 to 17/02/17

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