Belves, Bordeaux

Hotels in Belves: Belvedere de Belves

Hotels in Belves: This attractive hotel is perfect for a weekend getaway or longer holiday.

Belves, Bordeaux

Hotels in Belves: Clement V

Hotels in Belves: Hotel CLEMENT V, this could be one of these village houses who like to hide their charms behind an unassuming facade. Its vaulted eleventh century to its vast granaries, its winter in wood-burning fireplace in the living room garden caves, this is a quirky house climbs, spreads, multiplies the nooks and crannies, short, real family home. It is in this spirit that its 10 rooms and suites have been renovated. If all the rooms are very different, the hotel is immersed in the same cozy atmosphere, punctuated objects and antique furniture, where everything celebrates the sweetness of life in the middle of the most beautiful countryside in the world. tly

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