Barra do Garcas, Barra do Garcas

Hotels in Barra do Garcas: Odara Araguaia

Hotels in Barra do Garcas: This modern holiday resort sits right on the banks of the Araguaia River in the picturesque town of Barra do Garças. The area is known for its well-developed tourist sector and boasts its own Cristo Redentor statue, earning the nickname Rio de Janeiro of the West. Other local attractions include the Discoporto (UFOport) and several water parks, all offering great opportunities for a fun day full with activities. Guests who just want to relax can visit the hot springs or simply head to the freshwater beaches, while the nearby mountains offer plenty of opportunities for trekking. The hotel itself also boasts an outdoor pool, where guests can refresh and catch-up on some sunshine. Afterwards they can head to the in-house restaurant and savour the mouth-watering classic and regional specialities served at it. It is also the place where the hearty breakfast buffet is provided every morning.