Vama Veche, Constanta-Black Sea

Hotels in Vama Veche: BazArt Hostel

Hotels in Vama Veche: The most valuable thing about our hostel is its location. You have just 50 meters up to the beach and it is close to almost all the restaurants, bars and shops. Although it is located in the most dynamic district of Vama Veche, you can, definitely, find peace and serenity joining us at BazArt Hostel – the peerless bazaar of the artists. The moment you pass the doorstep of our structure, you will become aware of the tranquil atmosphere all around; the friendly team and the carefulness for your comfort and delight. The building is made of wood. Even if it is classified as a hostel, most of our rooms are private with suite bathroom, Air Conditioning, TV and a mini-fridge.

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