Santa Cruz De Mudela, Ciudad Real

Hotels in Santa Cruz De Mudela: Palacio Santa Cruz de Mudela

Hotels in Santa Cruz De Mudela: Located in the historic city centre of Santa Cruz de Mudela, it has good access to the A-4 highway. This charming hotel is the best place to know the beautiful Castilla La Mancha, its gastronomy, its Quijote route or its wine cellars. Elegant palace of the 17th century, with a classical La Mancha structure made of imposed floors around a central yard. This yard has been closed with a glass vault, and a fountain in the middle. The set is surrounded by a garden with another yard which includes a swimming-pool, an outside area and a epoque wine bar, hidden in a slope where guests can discover the most exquisite wines and ancient jars. 14 rooms, all spacious and comfortable of typical style and decoration from la Mancha. All rooms have natural light and are exterior, they have minibar, bath tube, heating, T. V and hairdrier. In the restaurant it is possible to taste a fusion between traditional cuisine from la Mancha with author's cuisine, and there is also the possibility to choose between a wide variety of wines.

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