Hotels in Heda: Ajiwai No Yado Tokiwaya

Hotels in Heda: It is a Japanese style inn, located by the seaside in Heda and offer fresh seafood cuisine featuring the local specialty ""Takaashi Gani"" (Japanese giant crab). Fresh bounty of various shrimps and crabs will be served. Suruga bay can be viewed from all guest rooms. A private open-air bath with a sunset view over the full ocean is free and available without reservation to all guests. The hotel is located just in front of fishing port. It is very convenient place to walk around the town. Also popular marine products shop is just a 5-minute walk. Fishing can be experienced also.

Heda, Shizuoka

Hotels in Heda: Umi No Hotel Isaba

Hotels in Heda: Umino Hotel Isaba has good location to look Mt Fuji and Suruga Bay and all Japanese room with view of ocean. There are open air bath and bathroom with jacuzzi. It offers speciality food like club and fresh raw fish as meal.

Areas of Shizuoka