Imaihama, Shizuoka

Hotels in Imaihama: Imaiso

Hotels in Imaihama: Located next to the Imaihama beach with white sand and green pines. All guest rooms have a view of the Izu Shichito Islands. For meals, the ryokan offers Japanese cuisine prepared with local ingredients. Imaiso, a long established, traditional Japanese ryokan has welcomed royalty including former and current Emperors, celebrities and business leaders. Enjoy the combination of the elegance of the pure Japanese taste and modern architectural comfort. The spa offers water which moisturizes skin and keeps body warm, thus effectively improving one's health.

Imaihama, Shizuoka

Hotels in Imaihama: Izu Imaihama Tokyu Resort

Hotels in Imaihama: This is a luxurious beachside resort hotel with a garden and view of Imaihama Beach called "Little Hawaii in Izu". The hotel, located close to "Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival", one of the best festivals in Izu. The guest rooms offer ocean views and Hairdryer, a Safe, coffee/tea facilities and A/C. Facilities include Large public baths, Open-air baths, Aroma Spa, Library, an Outdoor Pool and Play room. This resort offers three restaurants embracing the concept of " local production for local consumption", (French and Japanese restaurant), Tea lounge and Bar.

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