Mazamitla, Guadalajara & Vicinity

Hotels in Mazamitla: Best Western Sierra Mazamitla

Hotels in Mazamitla: Surrounded by mystical woods, a magical destination is found. The recently opened Best Western Sierra Mazamitla is a set of charming cabins; ideal for an incredible getaway that combines leisure and tradition. Located in the heart of the mountains of Jalisco, the town of Mazamitla is awarded as one of the 28 "Pueblos Mágicos" in Mexico by the Federal Bureau of Tourism for its historical downtown and natural beauty. Mazamitla is also known as the "Mountain Capital" and the "Mexican Switzerland" because of its gorgeous and amazing scenarios; rivers, woods and mountains adorn its landscapes, perfect for the practice of sports and ecotourism. The Best Western Sierra Mazamitla is the perfect choice for a couple escapade, family trip or even a business convention outside the city. Our convenient facilities and beautiful surroundings combined with the hospitality of our staff make it a perfect compliment for a visit in the cities of Guadalajara, Tequila, or Chapala. Enjoy your stay.

Mazamitla, Guadalajara & Vicinity

Hotels in Mazamitla: Bosque Escondido

Hotels in Mazamitla: Bosque Escondido, is a Cabins Hotel dedicated to the coexistence with nature and rest in the mountains, immersed in the Sierra de Mazamitla Jalisco, with luxurious facilities and services. So that you can enjoy unique experiences with the greatest comfort, like watching the sunset on the terrace, listen to the rain in front of the fireplace, enjoy the jacuzzi with your partner, play board games with your family and outdoor activities with your friends.

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