Hotels in Jingdezhen: Jinjiang Inn Jingde Town Zhushan Bridge

Hotels in Jingdezhen: Jinjiang Inns Jiangxi Jingde Town is located at No. 1 West Zhushan Road Changjiang District jingdezhen. The environment is pleasant with fresh air. The transportation around the hotel is extremely convenient and the business activities are prosperous. This inn features a variety of room types that we believe will meet your overnight requirements. The quality of the bedding will guarantee your good night's dream and the uncomplicated modern room design will lessen your stress. The heating and air conditioning system will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The en suite bathroom has been designed for your overall hygiene and cleanliness needs. In terms of hotel safety we strictly tested each part of the building's construction and have also installed a security monitoring system. The cuisine features nutritious local food and beverages and is provided on site so you may never have to leave the hotel. While staying at this economy hotel.

Hotels in Jingdezhen: Vienna Hotel (Jingdezhen People's Square)

Hotels in Jingdezhen: This popular hotel offers the perfect stay for business and leisure travellers alike.