Rokko airando, Hyogo

Hotels in Rokko airando: Hotel Plaza Kobe

Hotels in Rokko airando: This hotel is located at Rokko Island, Kobe, which is in the SE region of the Port of Kobe, is Kobe's 2nd major artificial island. Rokko Island is the site of a number of sports and convention facilities, markets, a water park, the Kobe Fashion Museum, and port facilities. The hotel is in Kobe Fashion Plaza complex, which contains Kobe Fashion Museum, Orbis Hall, etc. All rooms are equipped with TV, telephone, refrigerator, pot, tea set, washlet, dryer, closet, pajama, toothbrush, hairbrush, razor, hand soap, cotton, cotton bud, bathtowel, towels, shower cap, shampoo, body soap and slippers.

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