Kawayu, Kussharo

Hotels in Kussharo: Kawayu Kanko Hotel

Hotels in Kussharo: This attractive hotel provides the ideal base for both sightseeing and business.

Kussharo, Kussharo

Hotels in Kussharo: Kussharo Princehotel

Hotels in Kussharo: This 3 star hotel is located on the coastline of Teshikaga. It is close to the Kussharoko onsen and the nearest station is n/a.

Hotels in Kussharo: Meito no Mori Hotel Kitafukuro

Hotels in Kussharo: This popular hotel is ideal for both business travellers and holidaymakers.

Kussharo, Kussharo

Hotels in Kussharo: Misono (Japanese Or Bed)

Hotels in Kussharo: Located on the coastline of Teshikaga, just a short drive from the Kussharo Lake, this hotel is the perfect place for a truly relaxing vacation. The spa resort has declared itself "an onsen with 100% non-recycled spring water from source, " which is quite rare in Japan, and the famous water is said to provide relief against a number of pains and aches. The acidic content of the water washes away the excess oil from the skin, leaving it smooth and healthy. Guests of the hotel will have access to the grand bathhouse that is large enough to comfortably accommodate up to 100 bathers in both the male and female sides and the bathtubs are constantly being replenished with piping-hot fresh spring-water from three natural sources. The open-air bathtub with its rustic atmosphere is perfect for relaxing and on clear nights in mid-winter, the diamond dust phenomenon can be seen from them.

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