Lake Elementalia, Nakuru

Hotels in Lake Elementalia: Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp

Hotels in Lake Elementalia: "Uniquely situated on the shoreline of sapphire-blue Lake Elmenteita where hundreds of thousands of birds congregate, the small and exclusive Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp in Kenya invites guests to experience an immersive and intimate 5 star safari experience. This area of breathtaking beauty, also home to many rare species of animals, is less than two hours' drive from Nairobi and just a short distance to the famous Flamingo filled Lake Nakuru.   Evocatively styled to echo the area's rich history, our safari camp blends aristocratic elegance with modern luxury and offers cuisine and service of fittingly high standards. The nomadic Maasai had passed through the area for centuries and the name Elmenteita derives from the Maasai Ol muteita for “place of dust”.   Then in 1897 one of the first pioneers arrived, after walking over 1, 000 km south from Berbera on the coast of Somalia.  

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