Makena, Hawaii - Maui - HI

Hotels in Makena: Makena Beach & Golf Resort

Hotels in Makena: This wonderful hotel, nestled in a beautiful area surrounded by lush gardens and vegetation at Makena Resort, is on the south shore of Maui. Within short walking distance guests will encounter the magnificent natural white sand beach of Perouse Bay, at the foot of Haleakala, as well as the King's Trail. It offers simple elegance for a perfect stay.

Makena, Hawaii - Maui - HI

Hotels in Makena: Makena Surf, A Destination Residence

Hotels in Makena: The area of Makena is rich in Hawaiian culture and history, revealing a legendary past of the King's Trail, ancient fishing villages, fishponds, hei'au (temple), ko'a (small rock alter) and ku'ula (medium sized rock alter), used by fishermen to attract or worship fish or fishgods. One of these ancient Hawaiian sites is located at the Makena Surf, overlooking the sea, abundant with fish.

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