Celestun, Merida - Yucatan

Hotels in Celestun: Xixim Unique Mayan

Hotels in Celestun: It is a space of peace; a place to find your balance again; to discover harmony with nature together with those you love; a place to re-discover yourself. A unique Mayan hotel located on the endless white sand beaches of the Celestun Biosphere Reserve, this hotel is just a little over an hour west of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. With its bungalow suite-style architecture, Mayan Mexican fusion cuisine, and welcoming Mayan hospitality, the hideaway hotel is ideal for a romantic beach getaway, an unforgettable exotic honeymoon, or a special Mexico beach wedding. The Wellness Center offers perfect space and magical ambiance for yoga and spiritual retreats. By day, you can explore the mangrove estuaries of the nature reserve in search of unusual birds of Mexico, including the pink flamingo; at night, the search continues for nocturnal denizens on a moonlight safari. While there are a variety of eco adventure and nature tours to choose from, it's also fun to venture out with kayaks and bicycles, walk interpretive nature trails, fish with locals, and explore ancient Mayan archeological sites, stunning caves, and cenotes with the local guides.

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