Hotels in Mazandaran: Kourosh hotel

Hotels in Mazandaran: You'll be very comfortable in this hotel, if you're interested in sports, especially swimming pool and sauna, this hotel is for you. The pleasant restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere serves Iranian dishes to guests. The elegant hotel has a coffee shop with a pleasant atmosphere with a variety of hot and cold drinks. During your stay in Chalus compare the tourist attractions and travel packages for great holidays in Iran.

Hotels in Mazandaran: Salar Dareh hotel

Hotels in Mazandaran: Mazandaran can be one of Iran's most famous regions in the world knew that for centuries has lost paradise.   The world's first Shiite government there in the center of the province and there with the blessing and monuments in Amazadh province has caused so worthy of the land territory of Iran to become a full exhibit.   A combination of Mazandaran Cultural Heritage and Nature magnificently beautiful, that a precedent as old as civilization on Iran.   Sea, plains, forests and the Alborz Mountains, Mazandaran province, the museum has become a natural and pristine trip and visit the tourist wishes on the list are Iran and the world. Our hotel staff Salardrh forest will double our effort to host your loved ones well for the wretched and walk ways near and far come to get to our hotel, we.   Our main goal in this residential center; passenger satisfaction and service is optimal. Hopefully in the not too distant future with the goddess Manan Astant port control and cooperation, and we can achieve our goals