Torazo-Cabranes, Asturias

Hotels in Torazo-Cabranes: Hosteria de Torazo

Hotels in Torazo-Cabranes: The hotel is located in the region of Sidra, the heart of Asturias, in the village of Torazo (awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Exemplary Town in 2008). This landscape surprised by its beauty, the peculiar architecture of its houses and the stories that keeps in each of its corners. The bus station is about 10 km away in Villaviciosa and for those who want to relax in the sun there is a beach in Rodiles, about 22 km away. The hotel has a unique charm that makes it an ideal destination for any kind of trip, all fully-equipped facilities for conferences and special events and landscapes that leave anyone breathless on a romantic trip with that special someone.

Torazo-Cabranes, Asturias

Hotels in Torazo-Cabranes: Hotel Casa Espaã‘A

Hotels in Torazo-Cabranes: This attractive hotel provides the ideal base for both sightseeing and business. The Hotel provides a key collection service.

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