Kardamyli, Peloponesse

Hotels in Kardamyli: Kalamitsi

Hotels in Kardamyli: At just half a kilometre outside Kardamili, nestled amongst the silver-green olive groves and colourful orchards of a gentle hill that rolls down into a small cove, a renowned hotel benefits from its prestigious location in Kalamitsi Bay – a unique position that offers breathtaking views of the sea and beautiful sunsets, great peace, and short distances to the village and beaches. The hotel is a quiet place, a special retreat created to please the senses and to elevate the mind. This was the inspiration that brought it into being. Established by the well-respected Ponireas family, this beautiful holiday complex and its attentive staff have been welcoming guests for more than 20 years with its relaxing and spacious ambience and friendly yet unobtrusive hospitality.

Kardamyli, Peloponesse

Hotels in Kardamyli: Katikies Manis

Hotels in Kardamyli: Katikies Manis are luxurious villas ideal for vacations in a private and exclusive style in Greece. In Hellenic language "Katikies" are defined as homes and are linked to individuality and familiarity. Katikies Manis combine natural materials such as stone and wood which are perfectly aligned with the environment and the natural beauty of olive trees, bright sun and crystal clear sea of Mani, in Peloponnese of Greece. This kind of escape is based on the idea of exclusive living that offers tranquility and privacy. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the absolute combination of elegant living and natural beauty.

Kardamyli, Peloponesse

Hotels in Kardamyli: Melitsina Village

Hotels in Kardamyli: There are a total of 12 rooms on the premises. This popular hotel provides the ideal base for exploring the area.

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