Sao Leopoldo, Porto Alegre

Hotels in Sao Leopoldo: Confort Sao Leopoldo

Hotels in Sao Leopoldo: It´s located on Avenida Independencia, in the center of the city of São Leopoldo, near the most famous bars and restaurants, as well as the main shopping area of the city. His location in relation to the Exhibition FENAC in Novo Hamburgo, where there are several shoe fairs and the Assis Brasil Exhibition Pillar. The hotel features spacious luxury apartments, designed to provide excellence in comfort and sophistication for a comfortable stay. Nearby is the train station and 1 km Trensurb away the bus station. Salgado Filho Airport is only 32 km.

Sao Leopoldo, Porto Alegre

Hotels in Sao Leopoldo: Express Sao Leopoldo

Hotels in Sao Leopoldo: Set in an idyllic area just off the city centre of São Leopoldo, this hotel perfectly combines convenient location with peaceful surroundings. It is just 200 metres from the main train station and within a 15-minute walk of the bus terminal, making it a great choice for all weary travellers. Those who arrive from the Salgado Filho International Airport can reach the venue within a 30 - 40-minute drive, and thanks to the multiple public transport links within easy reach it is a great hub for exploring the region. Its nicely appointed rooms include all the necessities needed for a good night's sleep, guests can use the TVs for some entertainment before they snooze off. For the perfect start of the day they can trust the breakfast buffet, which is packed with natural juices, seasonal fruits and freshly baked croissants.

Sao Leopoldo, Porto Alegre

Hotels in Sao Leopoldo: Hotel Suarez Sao Leopoldo

Hotels in Sao Leopoldo: This modern hotel is located in the city-centre of Sao Leopoldo, near the main shopping avenue and close to bars, restaurants, shops, supermarkets. The main train station is just a 5-minute walk away and the FENAC pavilions, where several fairs of the shoe industry take place, are within 6km. The Exhibition Park Assis Brazil, home of the annual international fair of agriculture - EXPOINTER, can be reached for around a 20 – 25-minute drive. The hotel is the perfect spot for the discerning traveller who enjoys well-lit, comfortable accommodations without too much clutter. Onsite he can find a well-equipped gym that is perfect for refreshing workout after a long journey and a business centre for some last minute research before the meetings. Guests will also have the convenience of a complimentary WiFi access throughout the entire venue.

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