Opalenica, Poznan

Hotels in Opalenica: Hotel Remes Sport & Spa

Hotels in Opalenica: The Remes Sport & Spa hotel is located in Opalenica, 37 km away from Poznan and 34 km from the Lawica International Airport. The hotel is situated in a quiet and peaceful area, right next to the Opalenica Stadium. The hotel offers luxurious rooms, elegantly furnished and decorated. There are beautiful sculptures decorating multiple parts of the hotel. There are also 4 multifunctional conference rooms available for business meetings, training sessions and seminars. The hotel boasts impressive outdoor sports facilities, including football pitches, tennis courts, a shooting range and a horse ring area. There are also ponds where guests can go fishing, and a fitness centre inside the hotel. After a good match or workout session, guests can relax at the spa. Dining options include the Real Madrid breakfast bar and the FC Barcelona restaurant, offering a wide variety of International dishes, including healthy options cooked with ecological products.

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