Regules, Cantabria

Hotels in Regules: La Casa del Puente

Hotels in Regules: This property enjoys a wonderful setting in Regules. The hotel is located in the valley of Soba, overlooking the river. The Gandara Mountains offer a stunning backdrop to the setting. The Ason Collados Park is located just 13 km away. The excitement and intrigue of Bilbao and Santander can be discovered just 80 km away. This wonderful establishment is sure to impress every type of traveller. The complex offers rooms and elegantly-appointed apartments, meeting the needs of every type of traveller. Guests can enjoy a delightful dining experience in the cafe-restaurant, savouring sumptuous dishes while marvelling at the beauty of the surroundings. This property's exemplary service, first-class facilities and peaceful, homely atmosphere sets it apart as a prime option for visitors to the area.

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