Santoña, Cantabria

Hotels in Santoña: Juan De La Cosa

Hotels in Santoña: Juan De La Cosa Situated in Santoña, the Juan De La Cosa provides luxurious 4x000D star rated accommodation. On site car parking is available. Guests can enjoy a meal at the hotel restaurant. Meeting facilities and wifi are available. Room Features Juan De La Cosa. A hairdryer is provided in every room. Smoking in certain bedrooms is allowed, as well as in public areas of the hotel. Please specify when making your booking. Rooms have wireless internet access available. All rooms have tea and coffee making facilities. Leisure Info. The Juan De La Cosa offers a range of leisure facilities. A relaxing sauna is available for use by guests. An indoor swimming pool is available at the hotel for guests to use. Additional Info. The hotel offers an airport shuttle service. Pets are welcome at the hotel. A concierge service is available to guests.

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