Hotels in Tongatapu: Little Italy Hotel

Hotels in Tongatapu: Come visit a little piece of Italy in the heart of the Pacific. The newly-built Hotel is a 22-rooms property, evoking all the quaint charm of Tonga, to offer guests an upscale and memorable vacation experience. The property features evoke an Italian-style, offering an array of absolutely unique amenities that appeal to tourists and locals alike. All of the Ocean View Rooms have private balconies and offer tastefully furnished rooms.

Hotels in Tongatapu: Robyannes Lodge

Hotels in Tongatapu: We offer a warm welcome to all our guests and look forward to spoiling you with the Friendly Islandʻs spirit of hospitality that our small Island Kingdom is famously known for. The Lodge is conveniently located in downtown Nuku'alofa and just a few steps away from the central business district, local market, supermakets, restaurants, the waterfront and other amenities. Despite its most ideal location, our guests can still look forward to enjoying the serenity of "island-life" in the seclusion of the Lodge.

Hotels in Tongatapu: Royal Sunset Resort

Hotels in Tongatapu: Enjoy a relaxing tropical island holidays in Tonga at the Royal Sunset Island Resort either on the beach or by the pool. There is a range of fun activities for those looking for a little action including game fishing, windsurfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking and many more! Watch a tropical sunset and experience a relaxed Pacific style dining at the Restaurant and Bar, and local entertainment from the villagers. Accommodation is all beachfront and buried in lush tropical gardens, with fales each just steps from the beach. Getting to the Resort is easy, only 30 minutes fide from airport to Nuku'alofa, then a pleasant boat transfer from the wharf to 'Atata Island.

Hotels in Tongatapu: Scenic Hotel Tonga

Hotels in Tongatapu: Scenic Hotel Tonga (previously called the Royal Tonga International Hotel) is located near the Kingdom of Tonga's capital Nuku'alofa, in the South Pacific. The hotel is situated on approximately 16 acres of beautiful Tongan countryside, surrounded by native flowers and trees to create a relaxing atmosphere. It is situated on the island of Tongatapu in the Kingdom of Tonga, which is rich with the cultural Heritage. Its spectacular location offers some breathtaking views every afternoon as the sun starts to sink slowly towards the horizon.