Carranque, Toledo

Hotels in Carranque: Comendador

Hotels in Carranque: Located in the charming village of Carranque, in the valley of the Guadarrama River, this hotel is a perfect base for discovering this historical town. It houses one of the most impressive displays of Roman mosaics in the Iberian Peninsula, as well as the parochial church, which preserves various Renaissance and Baroque elements. In addition guests can discover the Roman villa, the remains of the oldest Christian basilica and the Nymphaeum dating back to the time of Theodosius the Great in the 4th Century. The venue itself is set in a garden complex of the same style with predominantly indigenous groves, cobbled paths and small squares with fountains. Great attention has been paid to the rooms, right down to the last detail. They are all decorated in a rustic, modern style with reminiscences of classic Castilian furniture.

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