Maisons-les-Chaource, Troyes

Hotels in Maisons-les-Chaource: Relais du Silence Aux Maisons

Hotels in Maisons-les-Chaource: Located in the heart of the medieval city of Troyes, close by the Cathedral and the Bishop's palace this half-timbered residence - its foundations dating form the XIIth century - once belonged to the Knights of the Order of Malta. It is by the name of "La Maison de Rhodes" that it has crossed the centuries to the present day. It was by turn a convent and the canon's residence. Where the garden now grows was the cemetery of the church of Saint Dennis, no longer in existence. Acquired in 1998, and after three years of preparation and two years of restoration, adds a new chapter to its history as charming hotel on 800m2 opening on to a paved courtyard and a medieval garden.

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