Hotels in Zreče: Hotel Park

Hotels in Zreče: Hotel Park se nahaja v sklopu sodobnega wellness kompleksa Terme Dobrna v severovzhodni Sloveniji. Zgrajen je bil leta 1875 in ponuja sobe s satelitsko TV ter brezplačen brezžični internet povsod v hotelu.

Hotels in Zreče: Hotel Park - Terme Dobrna

Hotels in Zreče: Hotel Park was built in 1875. Its exterior was renovated in 2006. The complete interior, including rooms, restaurant and therapeutic facilities, was refurbished in 2008. Hotel Park is suitable for all those who wish to spend active holidays. It features a gym, a lounge, individual saunas, relaxation areas and a self-service restaurant. The central reception and wellness centre with swimming pools, saunas, a massage and medical centre are located in Hotel Vita, approximately 300m away from the hotel. Pets are allowed (surcharge applies; only in a limited number of rooms).

Hotels in Zreče: Hotel Vila Higiea - Terme Dobrna

Hotels in Zreče: Vila Higiea was built in 1855 and renovated several times afterwards. The first floor was renovated in 2007 according to the concept of Feng Shui. Today, Vila Higiea boasts a wine cellar with a wide range of Slovenian wines and local specialties. The central reception, a wellness with swimming pools, saunas and massages, and a medical centre are located in the nearby Hotel Vita (50 m away). All meals are served in the restaurant of Hotel Vita.

Hotels in Zreče: Hotel Vita - Terme Dobrna

Hotels in Zreče: Entering the spa park of the modern spa resort with a 610-year-old tradition, you will be welcomed by the centrally located Hotel Vita**** at the right side. It is the newest of the group of Terme Dobrna hotels where guests enjoy everything under one roof. Hotel Vita has swimming pools with medicinal water and a nudist terrace, the “Dežela savn” (the world of saunas) with a large sun terrace, a haircare salon, and the deluxe massage and beauty centre “Hiša na travniku” offering a wide range of massages, therapies, body and facial care and body shaping treatments. Enter the Medical Centre to improve your health and wellbeing through therapies using natural medicinal factors. In addition, Hotel Vita ensures perfect comfort for its guests with its hotel restaurant and an a la carte restaurant, an internet corner, a kids zone, and seminar rooms for business guests.