Ancud, Ancud

Hotels in Ancud: Parque Quilquico

Hotels in Ancud: Located in a 10 hectares native forest park, on top of a typical Chiloe lush and green hill providing a exquisite marine spectacle. From Hotel Parque Quilquico, you can discover the real charm of Chiloe: Sea and country side nature. In this area given by the Rilan Peninsula, distant only 16 kms from the city of Castro, the Hotel owners commissioned well-know architect Edward Rojas, the mission of creating an hotel made of and for nature. Assigning value the touristic spots of the island; such as its history, bonding the passenger with culture and mythology. That is how this project comes to life, as an authentic “Chiloe” village on the top of quiet hills facing the sea. Hotel Parque Quilquico is defined by its own sign, the Classy-Rustic style, giving a rebirth to the archipelago's traditional architecture.